Surrender- the Most Powerful decision You might Take

“Thy Will Be Done.”

I did not really realise how profound a statement this is until two weeks back, when I finished reading Michael A Singer’s, The Surrender Experiment. An autobiography of sorts it is absolutely fascinating to read how a PhD in Economics turned into a dedicated yogi, and ended up owning an IT company worth Billions of dollars and employing thousands of employees.

The entire premise starts with Singer realising the voice of the constant stream of thought we all think of during the day. It is estimated that a human being thinks about 60,000 thoughts every single day. Now, you might say that is crazy because there is no way you think of 60,000 thoughts on a daily basis. The truth is that 95% of these thoughts are in our subconscious and we are not aware of them. But, for an individual who becomes aware of these countless thoughts it’s almost like being in the middle of a fish market all day long. You do not know where these thoughts stem from and have no means of stopping them. It can be extremely frustating.

Singer decides to find a way to stop these thoughts and starts with the practice of Buddhist meditation & a basic mantra and realises that there is a way to stop the incessant chatter. From then on, he decides to delve into the spiritual realm with the single goal of understanding why we are on this planet, which in the larger scheme of the universe is nothing but a speck of dust. Why we as individuals think we have to create a legacy or a means of recognition on this speck of dust whirling around the galaxy at mind boggling speeds, which in turn is whirling around in the universe, amongst millions of galaxies.

Along the path, Singer states that life itself has a fantastic design and does an amazing job of arranging itself without hindrance from us or our egos. According to him, we can choose between aligning ourselves to the will of life/god/universal power/bigger picture and surrendering to what life throws at us, or we can try to push and shove in order to get what we think we desire & have to go through pain and suffering.

Singer makes a very powerful decision- anything that would come up in his life, he would accept as long as in a normal scenario those decisions would have been made based on his personal preferences. In other words, he completely eliminated his inner voice and surrendered to the will of the universe. This simple yet powerful decision, accompanied with intense meditation allowed Singer to achieve some unimaginable tasks, more details on which can be found in the book.

Challenge to all- Try to surrender to life in 3 different situations and see where life takes you. It might just take you to a billion dollar company!

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