400,000 Chat Rooms , RumbleTalk Announces Sign-up Milestone

RumbleTalk is celebrating the creation of 400,000 chat rooms for web sites!

RumbleTalk a group chat service is celebrating an important occasion — we’re pleased to announce that we have officially passed the four hundred thousands chat rooms creation mark.

We want to thank all 400,000 of you who signed up for our group chat service. It’s true, we enjoy getting your comments, gathering your feedback, seeing your tweets and even receiving the postcards and treats you’ve sent us.

Where we are?

The RumbleTalk service has moved forward in the past year and we added many features and designs to our offering.

Here is a partial list that was added this year:

  • Live WebRTC video and audio option between chatters.
  • New Chat Room theme that is by far the most chosen chat theme.
  • New Mobile version with all features that the web version include.
  • Upload files and documents.
  • And much much more.

A 400,000 Thanks

Thank you for your continued support of RumbleTalk. We’re happy you’re with us, and we’ll continue to work to make your experience even better. There’s lots on the road-map ahead, so continue to send us your feedback, comments and tweets.

Originally published at www.rumbletalk.com on June 15, 2015.

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