Group Chat that brings your team to life

We all chat, some of us all the time. But when it comes to working in a team there is actually no better way to do it than chat.

RumbleTalk is a group chat for teams but with style. One can design his own chat design and place it on his website.

We provide a group chat with ability to talk in private with each one of the group (can be switched off if needed). Like most team chat services, we provide :

  • Group chat with emoticons and social features.
  • Private chats feature
  • Files and image sharing (upload images from any pc)
  • Mobile reach (talk from anywhere)

Live Audio and Video

RumbleTalk also lets you contact anyone in the group. You can send any person a text message or call any person in the team using a live video or audio call.

You can also send selfies images to the group or send short audio messages.

Custom designed chat room.

You can create as many chat rooms as you like. Teams likes to feel connected. The look and feel of your chat room will create the right atmosphere for your team. We made it extra easy to change the look and feel of your entire chat with some custom design theme.

Yes, you may change quickly the look and feel simply by changing the chat background . All is done on the fly.

Originally published at on April 15, 2015.

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