4 a.m. Part II

Its 4 in the morning 
Turning till 5 
Look what I see when I open my eyes

It’s a — paragraph from the guy I love 
Seems like it came from above

That’s what I feel when I’m with you
Feel when I’m with you 
Feel when I kiss you

Oooo, how can I go on feeling this way
Always being swayed like a hammock on the beach 
Drifting away, as we lay, next to each other
Snuggled up on each other 
Kissing up on each other

Sorry, I got distracted by the memories
Wait, they’re not memories
 But I hope you see 
That’s what I want them to be

Cause I love you and you love me 
We’re perfect together baby, please 
Never leave
Never cease to amaze me 
Although if you tried
It would be a lie 
Cause you’re that great of guy
All I do is sigh
With amazement 
With engagement 
Wait, engagement?

I must confess
You’re the guy I want to marry 
I must confess
You make me crazy

 I must confess
 These feelings make me

Love you, Love you, Love you, Love you x3

Ooo Ooo Ooo

Love you, Love you, Love you, Love you x3

Sincerely, Kaliyah F***ing Weldin
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