Our Only Goal Will Be The Western Shore 10/18/2017

I dedicated 7 hours of study to my journal.

The creator of this module is Zoe Stamatopoulou!

Immigrants is a big issue in the US.

If I was running for office as a president of the country and I had to develop a way I would treat immigrants. I would consider my personal experience in working with immigrants. For one, I would have the education to do so. A Bachelors Degree in Economics which shows that I know about the economy — supply and demand. Which is definitely a big thing in the US right now. My concentration is Business Administration which gives me a foundation of the business aspect in the corporate world and how to combine that education with the economy. So now we are talking, about how to operate a business and more in the economy today. If voters pressed me to identify 3 criteria for determining whether I could admit immigrants into the community it would be 1. Immediate family must be from the US and speak English fluently 2. Must pursue a Bachelors Degree/High School Diploma when coming in the US. 3. Increase business for the US but certain limitation on how many immigrants US lets in. I am biased with President Trumps most recent immigration criteria — 1. applicants must speak English (I agree), financially support themselves and their families (booo! No! disagree), demonstrate skills that can contribute to the US economy (Yes!). The reason I say you must speak English because the US is primarily English so if you come here and cannot speak the language you will probably never want to learn and if so will only comprehend and learn what you want to know. I disagree with financially supporting yourself because when you do come here most immigrants are not lazy at all. They want to work. Which is good! They must demonstrate their skills so that can it can contribute to the US economy. Yes, because their are a lot of Chinese restaurants and more. Which means, they help the economy but they are smart as well by how they do it. Their companies are for any and everyone. The three programs that I would promise to put into place would be to expand all immigrant businesses, focus on kids education and future, and must have background check & checked for diseases.

Within all the passages I read in greek literature, I saw how the history with refugees are no different than today. According to, “Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War 1.2–1.3, c. 410 BCE (translation by C.F. Smith)” the summarization of the passage talks about how the Hellas pretty much had to leave their own land when they were forced to. The people had their own land and really did not mingle enough without being scared whether it was on land or by the sea. They never even tried to plant any crops or anything because they were not sure if invaders would come and try to take it all away, with no type of wall. They could not stop the invaders. They could obtain anywhere the food and drink required for their daily need, but had to change their place of residence. Attica was free from from quarrels and Hellas did not increase in the way as Attica. Attica could not hold the Athens and they sent out colonies to Ionia.

I think of this passage as a way that refugees might come into US and they will not be able to control the immigrants population. Many of the Americans will be out of work due to “illegal” immigrants taking American jobs. This could create unfair competition in the workforce. Workers get the same type of wages and benefits we get but I do not think that that is fair. Because people who already US citizens should be paid more with full benefits. Illegal immigrant do not have to be loyal to America so that weakens the US.

Most immigrants do not have interest in assimilating. Especially when it comes to respecting our laws. We have to drive with a license and insurance. They might not have both — that could result in a hit & run which becomes a criminal offense. Our healthcare has decreased because many hospitals can not afford to care for illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants bring in diseases that are hard to get rid of or better yet diseases that America has never known of. Example: Ebola,”Swine Flu”

When it comes to education. Students fail because of the burden of trying to teach student that speak no English. So the American students suffer as well because of the lesser quality of education. I once read that illegal immigrants get lowered college tuition rates than American citizens.

A couple of illegal immigrants pay taxes. They might use stolen identities or claim way too many dependents than they have so no taxes be taken out of their paychecks. Immigrants work for cash under the table which results in no paying taxes. I have worked with many legal and illegal immigrants that have had to send money back to their country which hurts our economy. I think it is important that immigrants get background checks and disease checks because US needs to know who is coming across the borders.

Even though, we have heard that immigrants are not able to vote. However, I am sure illegal immigrants can vote illegally.

Euripides — “Ion: Did your father Erechtheus sacrifice your sisters?
Creusa: He brought himself to kill the girls for the country’s sake.”

This relates to our country. We might not actually kill our children or family members for our country’s sake. But we kill each other family members for our country’s sake. And our family members risk their lives for our country’s sake.

“Ion: Who of the Athenians is your husband, lady?
Creusa: My husband is no citizen: he comes from another land.”

I remember telling Professor S that I knew a guy who was an illegal immigrant who asked me did I have any friends. Because he knows that if he was to marry a US citizen technically he is legal.

“Ion: And how could a foreigner marry you, an Athenian born?
Creusa: Athens has a neighboring city, Euboea.
Ion: Yes, bounded by water, they say.
Creusa: He helped the sons of Cecrops to conquer it.
Ion: As their ally? And then married you?”

Im trying to figure out if this meant, that because Creusas husband helped conquer the Cecrops he was able to marry her since the cities were technically “neighbors.”

Immigrants contribute to a community by creating their jobs, boosting wages for American workers, boost demand for consumer goods, start businesses and create more jobs for Americans. Yes, I believe that immigrants should be based on their profit to the community because it does not make sense to have US citizens uphold certain standards while immigrants may not. It is reasonable to fear immigrants when they are robbing and killing. Citizens can determine whether their fear of immigrants is valid by getting to know the immigrant community and experiencing the life they live. Seeing how that immigrants are not all the same.The rise to tensions between immigrants and citizens is media, politics, police brutality , and racial discrimination based off ethnicity and race. Citizens tend to dehumanize immigrants by judging them as criminals, making them feel illiterate, not recognizing immigrant rights, firing immigrants and etc.

Status: Definition of status — “relative social or professional position; standing, the situation at a particular time during a process.”

The status of non-Athenian residents in classical Athens was Metic.

Metic — “A Metic is a term that refers primarily to a non-citizen person permanently dwelling in Athens between 500 and 400 BC, a time in which foreigners were welcomed to settle in the city because of their positive impact on trade, culture and education. Most metics were either immigrants from other parts of Greece, freed slaves, or children of either of the two categories of people.”

“Metics were free resident aliens who lived permanently in the city. The majority of metics had come to Athens to benefit from the Athenian economic miracle, and were usually involved in commerce. It is noteworthy that ancient sources contrast metics not with the citizens but with the townsfolk. Only a small percentage of metics were former slaves who had opted to stay on in Athens after being given their freedom. Some metics played an important role in the Athenian economy, including prominent entrepreneurs in particularly lucrative financial operations such as commerce, industry, or banking ventures. But on the whole they were involved in less profitable occupations — for instance as cooks, gardeners and workmen engaged on public buildings (the Erechtheion in 409/8 and 408/7 B.C.; Eleusis in 329/8 B.C.), cooks and gardeners. Because of their jobs, metics tended to live in demes either in or next to the asty. Archaeological finds, inscriptions from gravestones, tell us that in the Classical period demes such as Melite (in north-west Athens) and Piraeus had the highest concentrations of metics. Although the metics may have been a special social group, subject to legal restrictions and without the right to participate directly in the political process, this did not stop them playing an active part in Athenian social life.”

Extra Credit

Politico — politico is a negative way of referring to the word politicians. Having a strong political view to get your way of having a President or getting something politically done your way.

“People who are cosmopolitan have an air of glamour surrounding them, a sense that they’ve seen a lot of the world and are sophisticated and at ease with all different kinds of people. Places can also be described as cosmopolitan, meaning “diverse,” or bustling with lots of people of varying nationalities. Any way you use it, cosmopolitan implies a sophistication, which might explain why both a well-known alcoholic cocktail and a famous women’s magazine are both named after the word cosmopolitan.” — https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/cosmopolitan

I do not identify myself as a cosmopolitan. I would like to identify myself as a cosmopolitan when I see more of the world and be around different nationalities and cultures.