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King of the Universe, Cleansing Outsider, God’s Warrior against the Lie

I spent 7 hours studying the material and module.

Things to know:

“Module creators John Eposito and Norman Sandridge. John Eposito PhD Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”

“Wallnau writes, “These two phrases, ‘the house’ and ‘the wall,’ should make believers stop and wonder. This is a direct promise to the church and restoration to society.”

“When Isaiah described Cyrus as the Lord’s “anointed,” the word in Hebrew denotes a person specifically chosen and set apart for a specific task.”

The Cyrus Cylinder

“The text is written by Cyrus, or at least in Cyrus’ voice. But it is written in Babylonian — the language of the conquered.”

“Marduk, the Babylonian’s own supreme God.”

“Cyrus cylinder’ is sometimes cited as the first declaration of human rights .”

King of Persians = Darius, and captures 9 kings in the war.

The Behistun Inscription

“This piece of Persian royal propaganda ties together three themes that either Trump himself or his supporters have also tied together: (1) combat against the lie, (2) appointment by God, and (3) restoration of the people’s former glory.”

“In Darius’ opening text. (1) The people were ruled by a liar; he lied to them and killed anyone who threatened to expose his lie. Nobody else opposed this lying king — until Darius prayed to the supreme God, Ahuramazda. (2) Ahuramazda helped Darius overthrow the liar; (3) Darius restored the Persian empire to its former glory.”

All from the module^^^

Nowruz means “new day” in Persian. It is a special occasion that allows Iranian who have come to our country to have new beginnings and make a s new start in a free land.

Stephen Miller to Trump

Stephen Miller turned curtly — cosmopolitan — tied to blood and soil, you have fought and shed blood for the land. Have earthy tie to the land. To be cosmopolitan is to be unrooted, you move place to place. Early 20th century was a slur that non-jewish Russian citizens used against Russian citizens. Term to discredit someones true status in the community.

Hierocles — He was a second century CE philosopher, do not know very much about him. He was of the Stoic tradition- all about putting aside ones feelings in the face of reality. Treat yourself as a friend, treat your friend intimately closely and condition yourself to do it.

Kwame lectures western culture and consider himself of cosmopolitan. You should strive to treat everyone in the world as a brother or sister.

Stoic.. Ex: IF you have cancer, a stoic would say well do not be upset about it. People get cancer all the time for no reason. If there is nothing you can do about it you have no reason to get upset about it. If you do you have a false notion of saying that you can. Focus on what you can control, not what you can not. 10/19/2017 — Notes in class that we talked about

Let go of favoritism, we have to look pass our family and friends sometimes to look out for people who might really need help.

Iranian Americans are one of the most successful groups in the US.

Iranians come from diverse backgrounds.

Trump wishes Iranians freedom, dignity and wealth.

The White House; Office of the Press Secretary

Statement by Trump on Norwuz

The two creators of this week module is: John Eposito and Norman Sandridge

Norman Sandridge — Works at Howard University, lectures about Mythology

John Eposito — PhD University of North Caroliba at Chapel Hill, he lectures in the Department of Classics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. “His research focuses on Greek epic, military and intellectual history, psychology in ancient literature, and leadership in the ancient world. John has also worked as a software engineer, managed an editorial team for technical and journalistic publications aimed at software developers, and directed empirical research on software engineering. He is currently teaching courses on mythology and ancient sports and revising papers on warrior-companionship in Homer and moral reasoning in Sophocles’ Ajax.” — From the module

This module talked about Cyrus the Great.

Xenophon, Education of Cyrus (Cyropaedia) 4.5.56–58: Summary

“If there were any slaves among the Syrians, Assyrians or Arabians who was a Mede, a Persian, a Bactrian, a Carian, a Cilician, or a Hellene, or a member of any other nation, who had been forcibly enrolled, he had to come and declare himself. When they came forward Cyrus selected the strong and fairest and told they were free and would have to bear arms and he would give them pretty much everything they needed to do so. He brought them to the officers and had them enrolled telling the officer they had to be armed with shields and swords, and had to follow the troopers and pretty much receive the same equipment as the Persians. The Persian troopers would wear corslets and carry lances so they could appear on horseback. Each one had to give another a job to lead the soldiers on foot.”

There are four quotations: the White House/Trump, Forbes, Hedrick and Dakyns (Xenophon).

Forbes wants to be a force for good — and this is to all, Trump wishes the “Iranian people and all those around the world celebrating Nowruz on behalf of the American people, freedom, dignity, and wealth.”

Freedom — acting on your wants and wishes. Donald Trump — social media speaker.

Diginity — Trump brings job back to America, being a champion of western values and winning. He wants to make American when again by trading and military. “Cyrus selected the strongest and fairest — the people should be dignified.” — Xenophon — Education of Cyrus

Wealth — Trump thinks it is to be rich — tax plan, Cyrus speaks about the necessaries and supplies as wealth. By giving the people the necessaries you are able to have a successful campaign. When you beat in war you get to take stuff off of the solider’s. You can defeat your enemies and feel very proud.

Trump might say Freedom from government intervention or do whatever you want. — Class discussion

Cyrus is talking about not being somebody's slave and he does not liberate everyone. Freedom is one of the things that Americans love talking about most but it can be very vague as well.

Trump discredits the CIA. His appropriation of the divine or God to explain the course of events. He talked about how is inauguration did not have a lot of people and said that it was raining (little bit). He compared his inauguration to Obamas. He said the rain stopped when he did his speech and it poured after. —Class Discussion

The divine role with Trump talking about the divine and the rain is just false.

How is this similar to leadership? I believe that people are always gonna compare things to a outcome in a religious aspect. Donald Trump case is like he is using an excuse and bringing God into it so he does not look dumb. A person who gets in car accident and does not die or is injured will wake them up and make them want to change the way they probably live life. Trump is casting his excuses as an anointing, but someone who is going through something or something bad happens they are using their story to encourage people. — Class discussion

John Edwards was democratic party candidate for vice president, he had an affair with Rielle Hunter and had a child while his wife Elizabeth had breast cancer. He was charged with using campaign funds. He was hiding his affair from his “wife” and not the “people.” He said God was not through with him yet because of what happened. — His response — Class discussion

Nations should not only let the best in, they should give everyone a fair chance. But it really depends on that persons strength. You might not be strong by fighting/war but you can be strong in other ways. If you can contribute to your country in anyway that should just be the main criteria. What you can offer to the country or how you feel the country could make you better.

I see the passage of Cyrus being a liberator and consistent. Trump is more selfish than Cyrus. Trump said he wants the whole country to prosper. The criteria for the immigrants to come to USA relates to the “strongest and the fairest.” Trump might feels like is picking the best. Cyrus is being a good leader.

“The most famous proponent of the theory that Trump is Cyrus reborn is Lance Wallnau, a former business strategist with a doctorate in ministry.” — There Can Be Only One — I want to remember this just incase it is on quiz.

“I think America is due for a shaking regardless of who is in office.” — Wallnau , I can agree with him.

When I think of leadership I think of a business or person in charge.

When I think of history, I think of the past and multiple stories being told.

Modern day and historical leaders problem is consistency.I feel like the leadership today is gonna hurt our society and culture due to the lack of leadership today. I rather have had Cyrus the Great for President than Trump. Reason being is, Cyrus the Great seems more effective for the role. However, nowadays many leaders do not seem to hold up to Americas expectations.

Overall, I learned a lot about this weeks module. The passages were not really words that came from Cyrus mouth, but people interpreted it how they wanted to.