This one word has several meanings. It is a term that can refer to various phenomena in science, mathematics, and communications. It refers to something that is beyond the realm of this planet. It refers to physical absence of an object. It refers to emptiness. It refers to something personal.

It means a lot of things. But how much do we appreciate space? In any form? For someone who loves to paint, the more the space, the more the expression. For someone who loves to write, the less the space, the more precise he can target a topic. Spaces are large, spaces are small and spaces are whatever we make them. I mean even Taylor Swift also uses the term ‘Blank Space’ and makes a number one hit single on the US Billboard Hot 100 for God’s sakes!

For any person, having their own space is extremely important. Their own bubble, so they say. But when does this space become so extensive that it becomes difficult to return to the start point? Every relationship, every person should get their space. But it is such a loose term, that it is often taken for granted and treated like it has a physical presence.

But space is just a state of mind, a course through time. A phenomenon which we as individuals have learnt to abuse and misuse. And mind you, this is not something that we can change or shape. But we live in a world of fear. A fear of being alone, as well as a fear of being in a crowd. The only thing we need is not to slip away in the pool of madness. Getting & giving some space is important.

But always know, we can’t control something we can’t even see.

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