Passion and Languages of Lovers

Recently, I was in a “heated” conversation with a friend of mine. We were discussing lovers that spoke more than one language. She was in a new relationship with a Latino and was going on about how attractive she found him.

I recalled a story of a gentleman I dated many years ago. He was a great guy, considerate, kind, intelligent and attractive- but when it came to passion, he was OFF THE CHARTS.

He would whisper to me in Spanish, which was downright intoxicatingly sexy.

This would have an effect on me similar to the “Spock Hold”. I’m pretty sure my eyes glazed over and I fell into a trance in those moments. I’m not fluent, and he could have been telling me to do his laundry, but it didn’t matter…. I considered this his secret weapon in his “amore- war chest”.

I started thinking about the 3 most attractive accents and languages of lovers.

My top three (in no particular order):

Spanish, Italian, and French. My reasoning, because they naturally exude a key element in the periodic table of chemistry: PASSION or Pasión, Passione, and La Passion. I can get carried away imagining white-hot romance in Barcelona, Rome or Paris. With just a whisper and a foreign tongue, I’m scrambling for my passport.

Not to devalue passion stirred in English- ultimately, it is the individual, the chemistry and the connection with that person that can knock your socks off and leave you wanting-more, más, di più, and plus.

Whether you travel foreign or domestic- you should always “carry on” with passion!

-Miss Matched


Melanie Matcek is a credentialed matchmaker, relationship coach, and writer. Her advice and tips have been published in CNN/Money, Shape Magazine, YahooShine, Yahoo, as well as various media outlets in her native state, Texas. She writes under the pen name and operates

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