Ever wake up in the morning and look around your room, sigh a little, and just think; FML

This has been my everyday morning routine of thought for the past three years. I had high hopes for the condo my fiancé and I purchased, until it consumed our souls, robbed us blind and then shit on us when we weren’t looking.

Until one beautiful morning

I gave our condo the finger, and decided to do something about it, even if we can’t afford it. (When I say “can’t afford it, I don’t mean charge the credit card with a smile, and then later stress myself out because I couldn’t afford. My meaning is literal.)


Now I know what your thinking.

This broad should probably get a job.

I am fully aware. I am also fully aware that I had a very successful eBay store up until about 3 months ago. When it comes to a small business on eBay, it only takes one jackass to ruin it. Life’s not fair, boohoo, I’m over it. That is all I will say about that.

My fiancé and I have many fantastic skills and traits and simply refuse to work at some place like a gas station. Mainly because in Arizona, you can carry a gun without registration and the heat makes people real crazy. Enough said.

We make money other ways..mostly buying and reselling. We both have a keen eye for jewelry, diamond’s, watches and especially antiques. We study all the markets and dabble in almost every trade. The market is just ya know…slow. No one has money, so nether do we. Plain and simple.

Look at the bright side, I get to share about how to be professionally poor. Don’t take that as a negative either, because when your poor you get to learn how to do everything…


I obtain new skills every day. For free. :)

Free = no currency exchanged

It does take your time and I know…

Time = Money

Just remember..

Skills = Money


Knowledge = Power

So choose your battles my friends.

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