Well, of course you are happy. Fantasy is always easier than reality.
Robert Hanna

I remember the ritual sexual abuse craze and the recovered memory stuff — a lot of innocent people were hurt by shoddy social science.

I addressed this two responses ago.

According to the Department of Justice, sexual abuse and domestic abuse was much worse back then than now.
Children should not be subjected to the slicing, dicing and drugging.

It is illegal to perform SRS on children. As for HRT, typically a child is given only enough hormones to postpone puberty. These small doses do not have any known permanent damage.

The evidence is that there’s a good chance that you will be unhappy with your choice in about 10 to 15 years.

Ah yes, the famous Swedish study that’s always deliberately taken out of context. Try to read it again. I’ll provide a direct quote from it:

Data is inconsistent with respect to psychiatric morbidity post sex reassignment. Although many studies have reported psychiatric and psychological improvement after hormonal and/or surgical treatment,[7], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16] other have reported on regrets,[17] psychiatric morbidity, and suicide attempts after SRS.[9], [18] A recent systematic review and meta-analysis concluded that approximately 80% reported subjective improvement in terms of gender dysphoria, quality of life, and psychological symptoms, but also that there are studies reporting high psychiatric morbidity and suicide rates after sex reassignment.[19] The authors concluded though that the evidence base for sex reassignment “is of very low quality due to the serious methodological limitations of included studies.”
If you want to drop $100K (at least, better to have the job done as well as possible) for really good method acting, that’s your business.
Well, of course you are happy. Fantasy is always easier than reality.

I provided the reality in my lengthy response, it is up to the reader to believe the reality. In this case, if the reader is actively ignoring such attempts to educate, so there’s nothing I can really do here.

I find it rather disturbing that instead of being able to have an exchange of ideas and a debate, I have to be the recipient of underhanded insults.