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It isn’t!!! I’ll try to help. :)

Alrighty, so for many (if not most) LBGTQ people, coming out to their parents is a horrifying experience. When I came out as trans two years ago, my mum tried to trick me into “conversion therapy” (legalized torture), told me I murdered her son, and that she will never love me ever again. She then tried to take control of my life by trying to throw away my clothes, stealing my money, and insulting me whenever she could.

I was lucky, my girlfriend was literally kicked out and was made homeless after coming out.

Why do parents do this? I have no idea, but it’s a very common thing across all parts of the LBGTQ community. Many of us would rather not come out than to face the backlash our own family would give us.

It is thus, having a law like this puts these students in danger, especially in a much much much non-LBGTQ friendly place like Texas. It could result in abuse, further homelessness, even death.

Depression and such should be reported to parents immediately without hesitation. Depression destroys lives and families.

But if your son is gay? That should be up to him when to come out to his family, not the state or the school. Coming out is still a deeply personal process that can sometimes make or break your future…and it can be catastrophic to have that choice taken away from you.

So as a “TL;DR”- Yes, our schools should be informing parents about health, medical, and behavioral issues that arise in school…but not outing them, because that honestly could result in something much worse than being gay could ever be.

I think it only ended up being political is because Texas has had a very anti-LBGTQ stance over the past few years or so, so this kinda fits the lawmakers’ MO. :(