I think both the New York Times opinion writer and ThinkProgress need to go to school on this…
Allen Jones

Okay, so I love the whole “I am gay, so I’m qualified to talk about transgender people speech.” It’s never a great start to anyone’s comment. Firstly, let me say that yeah, I read your article, and yeah, I’m transgender.

Now, not only is your article filled to the brim with, at the very least…outdated terminology? Who calls transgender people “transgenders”? That’s almost intentionally bringing the human element out of the conversation.

Anyway, ignoring the grammatical errors, there’s one more glaringly obvious problem in your post, you don’t really take in account for any data. Transgender people make at the most, 1 million people of the US population…so you can’t just say “21 transgender people murdered isn’t a big deal” when you’re already dealing with a small population. Secondly, transgender murders and crimes (and there are many of them) are vastly under reported. Usually, the crime/murder is reported as “gay man murdered” or just “man murdered”. Honestly, there could easily be double or triple the official crime numbers, but we’ll never actually know.

It’s also hard to argue that we’re being coddled when if you’re a transgender person living outside of California, Illinois, or New York, that you’re going to have a bad time. In 2015 alone, a local high school to me in Wisconsin saw 4 of its trans students commit suicide…and of course, the school didn’t do anything about bullying and singled out the trans students on purpose. In another Wisconsin school, a trans guy was forced to wear a bracelet so everyone know who he was. If that’s coddling then holy crap.

Honestly, life for us transgender people (not transgenders and not transgendered) didn’t become like this until Caitlyn Jenner sold us out and made trans a trend…and was followed by the various laws put out by Conservative politicians.

And no, I came out long before Caitlyn did…none of these issues, and I mean none of them, were a problem until a few select high profile people decided to shine a spotlight on us…and allowed the media to go crazy.

You can see it even in the comments here, it’s a scary time to be trans in this country.

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