Providing gender based bathrooms is a tricky business.
Publius Americanus

Is there anything discriminatory about assigning bathrooms based on biology instead of gender?

Why yes. Because there literally is no reason to force me to use the restroom with men, and to force trans men to use the restroom with women. It makes everyone uncomfortable. No, it makes everyone really uncomfortable. I’ve tried, just for giggles, to use a men’s room after I came out…and everyone involved feels very awkward.

Yet, I’ve never ever had an issue in a women’s restroom. I come in, pee, flush, wash my hands, then leave…like everyone else. It’s a made-up issue. We’ve been using restrooms for decades without any issue whatsoever.

The facilities are designed to provide specific support to the biological differences — urinals for those humans with a penis — and additional stalls for those humans with vaginas.

And so what? Both restrooms have stalls…so I can pee in a stall, and so can pre-op trans men. Again, there is literally no benefit to forcing people to use restrooms that match birth gender.

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