Before you start cleaning it is important to get the right cleaning supplies for your home. You should take into consideration all the different surfaces and places you want to clean plus what additional staff like sponges cloths, and gloves you might need. Choosing the right household cleaners is not an easy task due to their variety and applications. You can choose from:

Kitchen cleaners
Bathroom cleaners
Window cleaners
Steel or any other kind of metal cleaners
Eco friendly cleaners

Basic supplies
For a start you will need some basic cleaning supplies. You will need sponges to scrub greasy surfaces or paper towels/ microfiber cloths to wipe glass, dust or absorb water. If you are using chemical substances it is a good idea to buy a pack of disposable gloves. Be careful as most disposable gloves are latex and many people appear to be allergic to it. A great substitute are the vinyl gloves. However, they are not that good as the latex. In such case you might take latex free gloves instead.

Not that you have the basics, let’s look at the cleaners themselves:

Window cleaners:
As the name suggests they are excellent cleaning solution for glass. They remove spots and leave the glass shining. Be careful to dry properly as spots may be left behind. You should use paper or microfiber cloth as other cloth leave marks behind.

Bathroom cleaners:
This category can be sub- divided as there are different aspects to bathroom cleaning. There are mildew cleaners, disinfectants for toilets, shower cleaners, grout cleaners.

Steel and other metals cleaners
As these are highly reactive substances you should wear thick rubber gloves when you apply the cleaner. Never use for other surfaces as they can eat through it.

Kitchen cleaners:
Again we have sub- division of cleaners. Heavy- duty cleaners for grease should be used carefully and applied only to metal surfaces. You should use less chemically active substances for counter tops and appliances exteriors and interiors.

Basically fall in all of the above categories.

Eco friendly cleaners:
Here we have both commercial and home made solutions. Many companies of lately have developed their own green lines with the idea being not to contaminated the water supply. Both home made and commercial green products are mode of vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.

All in all, no matter what you are going to clean, but make sure that you have the right cleaning solution.