Vinyl Gloves — 7 Useful Applications

In our daily household routines, one is exposed to many sources of soil, dirt, and bacteria. A useful and effective prevention against these unwanted consequences are disposable vinyl gloves. Vinyl gloves are effective substitute for multi- purpose rubber gloves and disposable latex gloves. Many people prefer latex gloves, but using latex products may cause from mild to severe allergic reactions. Vinyl gloves provide the same level of protection as latex gloves but are cheaper and do not cause allergic reactions. Overall, vinyl gloves are excellent domestic cleaning tools to keep your hands clean and safe while performing not so pleasant chores like cleaning the toilet or scooping after your dog in the backyard or the street.

The list below aims at giving you fresh ideas how to protect your skin and maintain proper level of cleanliness and definitely is not exhaustive:

1.Washing dishes: you can use vinyl gloves while washing the dishes. Although thick rubber gloves are far superior for this task, you may not always have a pair at hand. So vinyl gloves may act as a substitute to protect your skin from heat and dirty water.
2. Dyeing hair: easy to use, disposable vinyl gloves are an excellent way to prevent staining and irritation of your skin while colouring you hair.
3. Pet mess: if you have to change the cat’s litter, clean the backyard or round up pet hairs from your carpet, vinyl gloves are the answer. A pair of them will ensure proper sanitary levels.
4. Sorting recyclables: sorting your recyclables might not be that simple. There is always the danger of cutting your hands and after all you are going through your trash! Wearing gloves will reduce the risk of injuries and your hands will not get dirty.
5. Scrubbing the toilet: cleaning the toilet is not an easy task, neither is it a pleasant one. However, one need to maintain proper level of hygiene more that anywhere else in the house. Thus the use of chemical detergents is a necessity one can not avoid. That is why using vinyl gloves is a good idea to protect your skin from unwanted burns from chemical domestic cleaning products.
6. Opening jars: lots of people recommend using gloves when having a problem with opening lids. Personally think it is a better idea to use a cloth or towel in such cases.
7. Cleaning the fridge: who has not been in a situation where a product has been left for too long in the fridge? Wearing gloves while removing it may save you lots of problems afterwards.

A simple thing like a pair of disposable vinyl gloves can protect from lots of problems and make the cleaning process easier and more pleasant.