This year is the year of the Lord’s glorious presence , and this month we are focusing on The Lord’s glorious presence.

Ephesians 1:1–13,

This is the month of the God’s Glorious Blessing . We believe that in Christ Jesus we have received every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places

At times it is hard to appreciate the spiritual truth but with the help of the Holy Spirit we shall grasp what this is about and we shall walk and enjoy the glorious blessings that are already ours in Christ .

In Christ we have

  • The blessing of being chosen (Vs 4)
  • The blessing of being adopted (vs 5)
  • The blessing of being redeemed (vs7)

These blessings are ours already in Christ Jesus . It is God’s delight and desire that we receive and enjoy these blessings and walk in the inheritance that is ours in His son . It does not matter the times you have failed Him . He is a forgiving God and He wants to give to you from His great treasury . This day TAKE IT…..RECEIVE IT.

Arise and shine .

Sermon : Pastor Ambrose Nyangao

Happy New month 😊

Hello October 😊

M I L A N O I 😃