How to Turn Your Passion into a Career The Easy Way

Imagine if you could find a job doing something that you truly love? Something you would jump out of bed in the morning to do, every day. It is possible, as long as you have a passion. You can turn practically any hobby into a job if you’ve got the determination and motivation. And we’re going to help you do just that!

The Skills

First of all, you’re going to need to practice your passion until you’re the very best you can be. If you love knitting but can barely put together a scarf, then it won’t make for a very successful career. Brush up on all the skills needed to be awesome at your hobby. You may want to attend night classes to help with some of the more technical aspects. Alternatively, make it your mission to watch a ton of ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube.

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The Equipment

What do you need to turn your passion into something more substantial? There’s no point in trying to go pro if you don’t have the equipment. If you’re planning on becoming a photographer then make sure you have the very best camera and tools. If you want to bake for a living then look into all of the cooking equipment you’ll need for the kitchen. You can’t forget to invest in the proper uniform, so grab yourself some women’s chef jackets too! You won’t be able to turn your passion into a career if you don’t have all the tools for the job. It may cost a little bit to buy everything you need, but it will pay off in the long run.

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Job Hunting

Next up on the list, looking for a job that matches your passion. There are two main routes you can go down when turning a hobby into a career. The first is to work within a company. The second is to create your own company. There’s been a real influx of people going self-employed, in order to follow their passions. It has become a lot easier to sell your products or services online. You don’t necessarily need to fork out for a business premises when you can sell practically anything from a website.

If you’d prefer not to go the self-employed route, then you need to start hunting down companies who employ people with your skills. Do some research into the industry and write a list of the places you’d love to work. Find out who is in charge of hiring using LinkedIn. Be daring and get in touch with them. Even if they’re not advertising for staff. You’d be surprised at how many companies appreciate you taking the initiative.

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And Jump!

The last thing you need to do is just jump. Dive into your new career choice without any fear. There will be so many things potentially holding you back, but they’re all in your own head. Find that perfect job or start up that new company. Start making money doing the one thing you truly enjoy. Only you can make things happen. This will be the first day of the rest of your life. So go ahead and jump!

Once you’ve made that leap you’ll be surprised at how everything just falls into place. There will be hurdles and drawbacks but that’s life. Just imagine, working everyday doing something you truly love. There’s no better feeling than that.

Miss Millennia Magazine is for the young professional woman who is transitioning from college into the real world.

Miss Millennia Magazine is for the young professional woman who is transitioning from college into the real world.