I, Racist
John Metta

So on point. My best way to explain this to others is via American reality TV: The Real Housewives of Atlanta is viewed as the behavioral benchmark of all black women in America…I viewed the first 2 seasons, but could no longer stomach the broadcast misrepresentations of black women, besides the real/fake drama. I saw the show with new eyes when I caught an episode last summer in England when I was there for work for 6 weeks. I was completely embarrassed! I was also asked about it while in Jamaica: the cab driver had LOTS to say about American black women and that show. Meanwhile, Housewives of NJ, NYC, Orange County, etc, along with Jersey Shore, and even Honey Boo Boo are seen as novelty shows; weird isolated groups or families in consolidated regions, far from the individual viewer. (Like serial killer mini-series!) Kudos to you for systematically detailing this complex topic in a (sometimes) calm manner. ;) And super, extra kudos for breaking your silence. I get it…I just hope other whites (besides Jon Stewart, Michael Moore, etc) start to get it too! #BlackLivesMatter.

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