Check Out My Funeral Room!

For the next year, I will be attending Worsham College and working in a funeral home. Not only will I be working there, but I will be living there, too! In my previous blogs I have written about my process thus far. Well, I have contacted a girl living in the funeral home now (she will be moving out once she graduates very soon) and she has given me a lot of information about funeral home living and has sent me pictures of my soon to be home!

These pictures give a sneak peek at what my room looks like before I move in. Of course once I move in, it will look much more homey and have more personality!

This is a picture of my shower and bathroom storage area (it’s so important you all see this one!!)

My bedroom area. Full sized bed (which is neat considering every dorm I’ve had has been twin) with a love seat, a couple small end tables, and a chair. I also have a dresser and a couple clothes racks to hang my dress clothes in.

I have a round table with chairs and a soft, more for relaxing in, type of chair.

And the best for last, my kitchen! I have a fully functional stove/oven, sink, cabinets, and a fridge and freezer. I can’t wait to cook delicious meals and bake in here with my funeral-mate!

That is my soon to be home for the next year! I can’t wait to move in and get the chance to spice up my room and make it my own. Keep me in your prayers and thoughts these next few weeks as I prepare for this great adventure!

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