Dear employer, did you want me on LinkedIn? Sorry, not gonna happen.

And you don’t have to be there either.

Here's what my LinkedIn description says:

The steep technological curve of our time has brought inimaginable improvements to our lives and relationships. However, it has also brought a form of invasion into our privacies which is as powerful as it is overlooked.

Some of us have decided not to have Facebook accounts, and, as harmless as it seems, it is already quite hard to deal with the consequences, including a wide variety of issues ranging from plain social exclusion to becoming the centre of all kinds of suspicions, as if by the mere fact of not showing you could be automatically inferred to have something to hide.

But when this is applied to professional networks like LinkedIn, what we are talking about is putting even jobs on the line should applicants or employers choose not to accept anybody’s surveillance in their communication process with their potential employers, clients or employees.

If you are reading this, there is a chance you are a potential employer, client or employee of mine. But if this account did not exist, I would be immediately out of your selection process, no matter what my skills are, how highly educated or qualified I am for the job or what I can offer.

If you are reading this it is because in order to establish a professional relationship with you, I was required to give away my privacy for the profit of a third party, plus everyone who wants to take a look, not to mention that if I ever get hired after this statement you will have access to all my flirtations with new potential jobs through the notification of the slightest activity in this profile. At least you will be able to congratulate me for my birthday too, which is always nice.

I will not waste much more of the time I could be investing in working with you, but also, have you noticed that this platform allows you to pretty much cheat in your resume for a fee? How is it even supposed to help anyone find anyone?
But hey, maybe this privacy concerns of mine are because I am an old person.

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