This is Not My Beautiful House
Kim France

I follow you on Girls of a Certain Age and have done so for quite some time. I rather suspected that your backstory was similar to mine, so I guess I’m not surprised to hear that it was. Not in the particulars, exactly — although I, too, had the beautiful house and the supposedly stand-up, solid husband — but more in the overarching way that you mention at the end: people were so envious of me and all I had, and inside I felt that I was dying a very slow, empty death. My married life was a gorgeous, comfortable, hollow cage.

And when I left my husband and settled into a far-from-gorgeous triplex with a weird plant atrium in the middle of the living room (I kid you not), I loved every single brick of it. Because it was mine.

Because I follow you, I know that you’ve also made some professional decisions that are not unsimilar to some of mine. I have an expensive and hard-won law degree from an Ivy League, but after leaving my husband, I made a series of career choices that have moved me down the standard ladder of “success” and into a life that is entirely mine and so much more creative and happier.

All of this is a long way of saying, I suppose, that many of us consider you something of a kindred spirit, I think. You write for us and about us and we appreciate it.

Thank you and be well. ❤

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