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I feel like your mom is extremely detached, highly bordering on insensitivity. And yes, it’s bad. It’s hurtful for people who are dependent on her. But heck, big deal! You know, I did say look at it this way. You’ll have one less person to cry for, to think about, to feel bad about, to spoil your days for, to waste your emotions on… when she dies. And you know what, it seems that your whole life revolves around your mom. You have basically given your remote to her, and she does not give a damn about it. You see , how this is wrong at many levels. Be a winner. Take your life in your hands. There are others who might care for you. Your daughter, husband , friends. Buy a dog, care for it and it will love you till death. But all I would say, is that give your love and thoughts to someone who deserves it. Stop thinking of waste , negative people. Accept the beautiful people. Life is beautiful.

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