Evaluation of Credibility


In the article “Fashion Students & The 67%: It’s Complicated” by Alexandra Ilyashov on Refinery 29, Ilyashov interviews a fashion student Dominique Norman about the representation of plus size clothing in the fashion industry. Norman is a part of the 67% project, which is about the 67% percentage of women who are misrepresentation in the fashion industry. Within the interview, Ilyashov discusses the lack of focus that students in the fashion industry have on the 67% percent of woman who are not represented in the fashion industry. As a advocate for equal representation, she recounts her childhood dream to design clothing for all women.

I believe this source to be credible due to the relativity of the questions Ilyashov asks the interviewee, who has first hand expereince anout the lack of plus size in the fashion industry due to being a fashion student. By integrating other articles she attempts to give credibility to the interviewee’s answer to her questions about the lack of representation of plus sizes.

The writer is clearly seen on the page and given a link to the writer’s profile. When clicking the link I am taken to the writers page, unfortunately the website gives a vague background of the writer, Alexandra Ilyashov. She is a senior fashion news editor for refinery 29.


I can not seem to find any other information on her credentials unless I try to look her up on the internet instead of on the website. It appears that Ilyashov is qualified to write a piece in fashion because she is a senior fashion news editor and the other articles she has written about are related to one another. There is no contact information or email specifically for the winter herself.

On the about page for the website there is a contact page with Refinery 29 emails and the location. On top of the article title there is a percentage, 67%, that appears, that could mean it is apart of a bigger topic or a sub point article. Within the article there is a link that goes to the page that discusses what the 67% means. It is a part of The 67% Project which is a group united by Refinery 29 to represent the 67% of americans that are left out of the fashion industry. I believe it is safe to say that her intended to appeal to other fashion students and inspiring future students. It is more scholarly advice than it is expert advice despite the student having hands on experiences with pattern making and design. I believe the purpose of the article is to inform the general population about the issues in representation of individuals in the fashion industry and the average person. The article covers some facts but it is more of a opinion based because it is a interview. I feel like the authors point of view is biased considering it is apart of the 67% Project, so the author is affiliated with the organization and has the official approval of the company. The sources of information are given links to the articles that back up the information. It is not entirely clear to me yet who has the ultimate responsibility for the accuracy. The information is free of grammatical errors. While the sponsors of the page are not related to the big time news websites, the actress gives reliably, common sense information. The last time the page was updated was October 5, 2016 at 7:30 am so it was updated very recently. Each link is related to the topic and provides somewhat credibly articles to back up claims. There is also two hyperlinks to video that provides information about the interviewee and about research. All in all, I am not completely sure this web page is credible. I feel like the information is credible

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