The Ethical Porn Movement
Kate Norquay

See this is where I can see the power of micropayments.

Would I pay a one time SMS-able transaction cost for watching one faps worth of hot consensually driven porn? Yes I would.

But I’m thinking in terms of accessibility of cost. The world’s app and content consumers, particularly in gaming (and I would guess there are some parallels with game use to porn consumption), have no problems with spending $1.99 on their phones for gems and gold to win a round of Clash of Clans, or a Lollypop hammer (tbh I have no idea what that is, but apparently John Oliver used one once); perhaps the key here is to hook into that mentality.

Mechanism for this? No Idea! Maybe like the whatsapp QR code web>phone interface.. You make a payment and then scan the web’s code to make a one time connection to the site driving the content to release an hour of porn. The possibilities here are pretty endless…

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