Dear REI, Burlington, Dillard's,and all the other stores NOT opening on Thanksgiving.

You don’t know me, but I want to take the time to officially thank you for not opening on Thanksgiving Day like many of your contemporaries. It’s more appreciated than you know.

For the most part I’ve always liked the holidays. I mean,what’s not to like? There’s the cheerful catchy music, the days off to spend with family and friends, the presents and food. It’s a good time. But in the last two or three years the holidays, Thanksgiving in particular, hasn’t been so joyous for me. The Christmas music has been showing up before trick-or-treaters have knocked on my door and about two weeks ago I saw a fur tree in someone’s window. It’s a little too much, too soon, you get me?

What I’ve come to hate most about the holidays is the buildup for Black Friday and the way it has begun to weasel into Thanksgiving Day itself. You see, my boyfriend is a store manager and thanks to this new trend he will be going into work tomorrow. I don’t want to complain too much because he doesn’t have to go in at 5pm like some of his co-workers, but it still stinks that instead of spending the night curled up watching Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown with me, he’ll be dealing with all the havoc that comes to the retail world during this season.

Between you and me, I sort of hate the store he works for, even if only out of principle. They are a fortune five-hundred company. Would it really hurt their wallet to close on turkey day? However, in all fairness, it’s really the shoppers who I should be mad at (and I am, BTW), because if no one shopped on Thanksgiving no store would bother opening up.

But I’m getting off track.

The reason I want to thank you for not opening tomorrow is because even if it doesn’t help my boyfriend or me, it helps someone else and their family and for that I’m glad. Too often people in retail are overlooked which is unfortunate because it’s not easy dealing with the public all day and being the face of a company. And while retail is challenging it isn’t life or death. No one will die if they can’t get that new sweater or TV. I say, let store employees have the holiday off and it appears that you agree with me. Your refusal to open your stores tomorrow speaks volumes about who you are as a company and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you so much for caring about your employees and reminding us that there is a time and place for everything. Friday we may shop till we drop but tomorrow we dine.

I wish each of you a fiscally successful holiday season and a very wonderful Thanksgiving.


Holly J

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