And Justice For All

The justice system has its failings. Many of them. Today, I’ll discuss its failings with regard to one particular individual. Actually, with regard to the many law-abiding people in California.

Sean Patrick McCarthy, DOB July 2, 1985 has been something of a “regular customer” of various law enforcement agencies, the Superior Court of California in Ventura County and that county’s Public Defender for a number of years. You can read all about his activities (at least, the ones dating back to 2005) by searching his name and DOB here. They’re a matter of public record.

Mr. McCarthy’s interactions with the law are hardly earth-shattering: he’s not exactly in line for an award as “Criminal Mastermind of the 21st Century”, nor will he have Dr. Evil rushing to mount a defence of his own revered status.

What I want to highlight today is how someone like Mr. McCarthy can repeatedly give the justice system the proverbial raised middle finger and indeed, tell it to swivel on it. A look through the various case records shows a recurring pattern that Blind Pew of “Treasure Island” fame could see:

Released on own recognisance

Letters returned due to wrong or incomplete address

Failure to appear in court

Warrant issued

Yet, Mr. McCarthy continues on his merry way, apparently suffering no consequence for his actions. Until the next arrest. Read it for yourselves. Oh, and there’s the nearly $5000 he presently owes in fines and other fees, some of it outstanding for years. I think the vernacular used around these parts is “Do the math”, or words to that effect.

California is a big place with a big population. How many other cases like this are in the system, and how much is owed by those involved? I think it would make the foundation of a good story for some enterprising journalist.

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