Writing For The Web If English Isn’t Your First Language

You created an awesome article, written it with great passion and pizzazz, clearly in your own voice. However, you hesitate before you hit publish.

You aren’t confident that what you’re writing is error-free and easy to read…

You quickly Scan through your copy again, and nothing seems to stand out, plus your computer spell checker seems to be happy with all that’s on the screen.

  • Part of you says: it’ll be okay, people expect me to make the odd mistake, you can’t be perfect all the time?
  • Then another party says: don’t be ridiculous if you produce another grammatically incorrect piece of work you will never be taken seriously!

Wish you’d studied more of those literature lessons?

Writing for the web does require we use at least the correct spelling and grammar. I say at least as, language may change, and slang or local vernacular may be introduced… But it still has to be introduced properly write right!

I’m from the UK, so I’ve been writing in English all my life, but I know that ‘I write as I speak’, which consequently means my grammar stinks… if that wasn’t enough my spelling is pretty awful too!

So having a decent grammar and spellchecker has always been something of a necessity for me. I always used my built in grammar and spell checkers, but they never quite left me 100% confident.

But now I’ve found Grammarly which I’ve installed as a browser app.

Grammarly Grammer and Spell Check for Everywhere

I stumbled across Rumely couple of weeks ago, so I guess I’m about 6 years late as Grammarly launched in 2009.

You can install it quite simply from any browser, well when I say any; Chrome, Safari, and firefox are what I have installed on my iMac and the Grammarly home page offers me an easy add to link button to whichever browser I open.

One of the features I really love about Grammarly is that it doesn’t just take care of my grammar when I’m writing in a particular document like most spellcheckers do. Grammarly works as a browser extension, which means that whenever I am doing online, Grammarly looks out for any grammar and spelling mistakes.

Writing an email to working in WordPress, focus on what you want to say, and not how you said it! CLICK TO TWEET

How the web version of Grammarly may save your bacon on Facebook

Imagine you’re on facebook about to push post when you get a prompt saying you best stop or you’ll make a fool of yourself.. well it wouldn’t actually say that, it’s just the implications!

Nobody wants to be seen as someone who can’t spell on social media… And teenage text to speak why just don’t understand most of the time. I find it even weirder when I see adults of my own aims using text speak online.

Spot the classic confused possesive and contraction?…
I’ve no idea what that means either!

As you may have guessed sometimes you’ll get a pop-up so you can do your editing offsite before returning… so to speak.

What’s Included With Grammarly?

I’m using the free version of Grammarly and I’d give it an A+, this spelling and grammar checker is catching me out on everything I write, which isn’t really any great surprise.

As touched upon before it’s the regular everyday online applications we use where Grammarly packs the most punch for me. When using the browser application in Chrome Safari or Firefox Grammarly will pick up on any errors in your panel or spelling on any website. So it’s great for Facebook Twitter Google plus and all social media platforms.

Other features:

Check your writing across the web

Access your personal editor via Grammarly.com

Access your documents on multiple devices

Integrate with Microsoft® Office (Windows only)

Use native desktop apps (Windows and OS X)

See definitions and synonyms via double clicks

Catch contextual spelling and grammar mistakes

Add words to your personal dictionary

See explanations of grammar rules

Get performance stats via email

Another way to use this grammar and spell checker is to download the Microsoft Office add-In it works with MS Word and Outlook. When you log in to your account for the 1st time, you’ll see a notification like below to download the Microsoft Add-In.

The MS Office Add-In works only if you have a premium version of Grammarly. It’s not available in the free version.

Download the Add-In setup file on your PC and install it like you install any other software:

  1. Double-click on the (.exe file) setup file.
  2. Then select both MS Word and Outlook and click on Install.
  3. Once the add-in is installed, login using your Grammarly account details to activate.
  4. Open MS Word / Outlook, you’ll see the enable Grammarly option.

Grammarly Free Vs Premium

I can’t vouch for that paid premium version of Grammarly, and as most bloggers, I’ll probably be sticking with the free version. For those of you who may want to use Grammarly to check your academic writing, the reviews on their website seem to be going strong.

There is also a Grammarly EDU portal that seems to be getting more popular with colleges and universities that offer a slightly different pricing model.

Who Is Grammarly Aimed At?

Grammy has one purpose, to make your writing better, so I believe there’s a place for it on every browser. If you want your writing to improve it certainly will help you achieve that.

It’s an educational app an ‘essential‘ tool that can be used by everyone. I’m going to tell my daughter about Grammarly, she lives in Sweden but writes her blog in English I know she’ll get a lot out of it.

Anybody writing for the web ie: any blogger can certainly make use of Grammarly. There’s nothing worse than being caught out by silly spelling and grammar mistakes right? College and University students, just think of that painless proofreading process that awaits!

Most certainly those who have English as a second language would benefit greatly from using Grammarly. If you write in English, and English isn’t your first language I can imagine Grammarly being your best writing buddy! Especially as you can use it virtually anywhere.

Grammarly Niggles and Complaints?

This app has been in development since 2009 and I did find complaints about the functionality of the app and the amount of mistakes it wasn’t picking up. But in truthfulness, all those seem to be from 2014, I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews for Grammarly over the past 12 months.

In Summary

They should not be any owns ours or even maybes, Grammy fits snuggly into anyone’s toolkit who wants to improve their writing skills. It integrates with MS Word seamlessly, and can be used off-line as well as online. However, it’s the “use anywhere online browser application but really has me swayed.

Even though on this article are use my regular spellchecker and myMac integrated spellchecker. When I checked through Gramley there were 32 spelling and grammar mistakes!

Hell yeah,

Grammarly rocks I recommend you try it out, it’s free. If nothing else is may help you realise that you’re maybe still making mistakes!

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