The food-locker idea sounds interesting! I had two further ideas:

>> „package“ with prepared ingredients for dinners, containing specific ingredients and recipes (for two) so that customers don’t have to come up with new recipe ideas every evening and can focus on relaxing rather than what to cook, what to buy and where to buy it. Especially good for intermarché because they can use and present their own products and brands for this, so intermarché can ensure a low price.

>> Fidelity card without personal data: breaking with the original concept of fidelity cards -> a fidelity card which is not collecting personal data. Going to intermarché you get a fidelity card without any personal information on it. You just get the card and use it when you pay, but you can exchange it as often as you wish to. Coming back next time, you can put your fidelity card in a machine, which proposes special reductions and offers based on what you bought. So the offers are not at all related to you as a person, your gender or anything, only on what you bought and what you like. Also it is always kind of exciting to learn what intermarché is offering next to you. If, at some point, you feel spyed on your customer behaviour, you can just get a new fidelity card and start over again. @madita

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