Fun With Flyers

Hey gang!

We have a special treat for today’s Marketing Budget Challenge post! Today, you can earn yourselves a free pack of Mission: Pic stickers just for helping us out!

You see, we spent our 10 bucks today on having some Flyers put up in select locations. In fact, we had 100 put up at UCLA and 50 put up at BU. (Who knew the East Coast was so much more expensive?) But, since we put an awful lot emphasis on cleverness and creativity around here we wanted our flyer to reflect that quirkiness.

So here’s the deal, you can download the flyer right here and if you take a picture of it posted somewhere in your city, share it to social media and let us know you did it then we’ll whisk some classy stickers your way free of charge! BOOM!

And, of course, we’ll let you know if this ridiculousness actually helps drive growth or not down the line. ;)

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P.S. Who wants to scoop up the Graham username on M:P and take pictures of hamburger buns?