Instagram Marketing

Here’s where our $10 worth of Marketing Budget went today for the $300 Marketing Budget Challenge.

We often like to call Instagram a camera app with a social layer and Mission: Pic a camera app with a game layer. And since we’re both built on the photo sharing concept we figured there’s no better place to up our presence than Instagram.

With a little bit of homework we discovered that the most reliably engaging photos shared to Instagram tend to be those of the Inspirational-Quote-On-A-Pretty-Picture variety. Well, technically we discovered that the most reliably engaging content was contests but since we only have $10 to spend today that seemed like a pretty lame contest. So in an effort to get more bang for our buck we gave this person our money today in exchange for a pile of quote images about photography and creativity.

But, if we’re going to focus on stepping up our instagame™ then we don’t want to stop there so here are a couple other free things we’ll be trying out over the next month. And, of course, we’ll keep you posted on whether or not these tactics are paying off.

  • Posting the previous day’s winner to the M:P Instagram account
  • Posting the next day’s mission a little earlier in the day
  • Posting our favorite non-winning Mission: Pic shots
  • Upping our hashtag game
  • Engage more with other photo challenge groups
  • Engage more with current followers
  • Gear reviews?

We’re also very open to suggestion! We know full well that we don’t know much and that this whole project is about learning. What are your Instagram tips? What would you like to see on the Mission: Pic Instagram feed?

Let us know below!

Happy Tuesday,


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