The Rule of Thirds

Hey team! Here’s a video.

The Rule of Thirds Presented by Professor Hans Von Puppet

We’re kicking off the first day of the Marketing Budget Challenge with this video about the Rule of Thirds starring Professor Hans Von Puppet. It’s part of a series of silly photography tip videos that will be popping up twice a week or so through the next month starring various people/things/puppets.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Share the YouTube link to your Twitter and Facebook!
  • Send the link to your favorite photography blog!
  • Pull it up on your grandma’s iPad and force her to watch it before she can play one more game of Bejeweled!
  • Send in your suggestions for other photography tip videos!

We wrote the script in-house, paid a whopping $10 to this fella to shoot the video of the professor and then cleaned it up with a little editing on our end. We’ve yet to find out whether it will move the needle or by how much but we’ll keep you posted on how each step of the Marketing Budget Challenge goes, along with numbers and lessons we learn, right here on Medium.