Hating On Political Meme’s.

This came across my feed today. I’m annoyed with all of the smug, snide meme’s I see. Meme’s make a big effort to sum up a big idea in a cute, marketable format and I’m in favor of viewing a bigger picture.

The entire population is getting its news from Twitter because the current POTUS validates it. High level government employees are regurgitating “facts” about Bowling Green from a meme. So, here’s my response to this particular political meme, even though there is no author associated with the original idea.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, whether you agree, and especially, if you do not.

Why Middle of The Road Voters Think You’re All Insane:

1. The alternative to liberal ideology verges on totalitarian, and fascist.

2. Repealing the ACA MUST Include a replacement protocol.

3. Many politicians on both sides of the aisle “Belong” in Prison. McCain with the Keating 5 Collaboration, Ronald Reagan and Iran Contra, Nixon and Watergate, and POTUS Trump better watch his ass with his Russian ties.

4. We are NO Fans of PC fucking bullShit, and this sentence should prove it.

5. Corruption in D.C. is not a partisan problem — it’s an economic one. Middle of the Road voters favor getting rid of lobbyists and Special Interest but notice Democrats and Republicans pat them on the butt, and send them right in.

6. There IS a Border Wall. Ask Former U.S. Representative, Silvestre Reyes. A physical one and a high-tech virtual one.

7. Jobs overseas are going to stay. Read the history of FOXCONN and Steve Jobs from Apple. American workers will never be able to compete with countries paying slave wages to retain indentured citizens.

8. The American Military Industrial Complex is stronger than ever — benefitting the bomb makers and the bomb droppers, not PEOPLE. Budgets reflect the largest percentage of American money goes toward defense. MORE American Imperialism is a path to destruction.

9. Immigrants conquered and then added to the make-up of this country. African American’s have a longer history in this country than many Caucasians. Native American’s are “TIRED” and rightly believe that citizens of this country today are here illegally.

10. Trump is NOT Self-Funded. Any monies he’s had available began with his grandfather exploiting women from an Alaskan whorehouse. Reports are revealing Trump may owe MANY favors to people and players in places like Russia.

11. ISIS was created by the Military Industrial Complex and now, since “IDEAS” do not die without heavy intervention, they can be eliminated with the success rate that humans have tried to eliminate rats, and roaches. To kill a rat: Poison it, trap it, put it in bag, beat it with a hammer, burn the bag, then drop the bag in the deepest, darkest body of water for 4 days, recover the bag, burn it again, and spread the ashes to the 4 winds. While you are doing that — his sister has had 6 new litters of pups.

12. Our Vets get screwed by the Military Industrial Complex and MIDDLE of the Road Voters want them taken care of too.