2018 New Year’s Resolutions for Eric Greitens

“Stop breaking the law” is toward the top of the list.

To help ring in the start of 2018, the Missouri Democratic Party is unveiling its own list of New Year’s resolutions for Governor Eric Greitens:

  • Restore Healthcare Cuts: Last year, working families in Missouri shouldered deep healthcare cuts that increased prescription drug costs for 60,000 seniors like Emma Jo Mudd from Monroe City and Marjorie Prunty from Northland. He also cut healthcare for thousands of seniors and people with disabilities like Kevin Pickett from Kansas City. In 2018, Eric Greitens should prioritize restoring his deep healthcare cuts, and providing policies that actually promote more healthcare options and lower costs. We have a few ideas
  • Stop Breaking the Law: As a candidate Eric Greitens promised to clean up Jefferson City, but as Governor he’s proven to be a corrupt politician who was fined for violating campaign ethics law. He’s also facing a lawsuit for allegedly breaking state public records law. Even Republicans have called for a legislative investigation into his corruption. Following the law should be a minimal expectation of public officials, but hopefully it’s not too much to ask of Eric Greitens this year.
  • Spend More Time at Home: Among other travel, Eric Greitens spent 2017 traveling around the country to promote himself with visits to Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Florida, Nevada, New York, Virginia, Rhode Island, Colorado, and DC at least 5 times. In 2018, Eric Greitens should spend more time here at home in Missouri.
  • Make New Friends: Instead of working with the legislature to clean up Jefferson City like he promised, the “biggest roadblock” to ethics reform has been the “ethically challenged Governor himself.” He’s also waged an unnecessary and politically motivated battle with public schools and teachers. In 2018, Eric Greitens should try to make some new friends to stop all the bluster and actually deliver results for Missourians. Betsy DeVos and the Koch Brothers don’t count.
  • Give Back: Literally. Eric Greitens should give back his dark money donations in 2018 and tell Missourians who is funding his secretive, anti-worker agenda.