Republicans in Jeff City attack working families

Today is August 28, which means that legislation passed this year in Jefferson City will be going into effect (pending lawsuits). Here are the three Republican-approved provisions that will make working Missourians’ lives harder today than they were yesterday:

1. Hurting Missouri schools

One provision will hurt our already underfunded schools by gutting the corporate tax rate. Our school transportation system is already underfunded by $182 million. Parents struggle to get kids to school, but billionaire funded Republicans slash taxes on big corporations.

2. Slashing wages

Next, they’re slashing wages of construction workers by repealing the prevailing wage. Another example of the Republican establishment hurting the wages of Missouri workers in order to please their dark money mega-donors.

3. Piling on the red tape

Adding unnecessary red tape makes it even more difficult for public employees, like teachers and social workers, to form a union to improve their wages and working conditions.


To top it all off, there is now one less week of absentee voting, providing one last blow for working people and suppressing the votes of Missourians who already struggle to have their voices heard by this legislature.

The massive defeat of their top priority, Prop A, showed how out of touch the Republican establishment is with Missouri voters. This November it’s time to elect candidates that put Missourians first.