Greitens Spends Special Session Entangled in His Dark Money Dilemma

Governor Eric Greitens has spent the special legislative session that he called this week tripping over and contradicting himself trying to defend his dark money group.

First, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported yesterday that “despite organizing and spending money on a rally at the Capitol on Tuesday,” the Governor’s dark money group has “not formally registered as an official lobbying organization.”

Second, Greitens tried to defend dark money on Tuesday by falsely comparing it to voting rights, stating: “When people go in and they vote, nobody calls that dark voting.” Not only did a law professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia tell the Springfield News-Leader that’s a “twisted act of logic,” but it also directly contradicts what Greitens said about campaign finance just last year: “the most important thing is transparency around the money.”

In response, Missouri Democrats have been criticizing the Governor:

  • Senator Jason Holsman said, “Even for a governor who prefers to operate from the shadows, this new call for complete and total darkness for his big dollar donors is troubling.”
  • Senator Scott Sifton stated, “The governor is wrong to malign transparency and disclosure. The people have a right to know who is paying for campaigns.”
  • Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber added, “Eric Greitens isn’t an outsider. His ongoing dark money dilemma and never ending ethical questions show that he’s one of the worst parts of the Republican establishment in Jefferson City.”
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