Here’s What Missouri’s GOP Thought About Classified Intel Then — Where Are They Now?

Russian Foreign Ministry Photo / AP

As reports are making clear that President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information to a Russian foreign minister and ambassador, endangering a critical intelligence source aiding America’s fight against the Islamic State, the Missouri Democratic Party is highlighting what Missouri’s Republican officeholders said about the handling of classified intelligence just last year.

Here’s what Missouri’s Republican officeholders said about the handling of classified information last year:

  • Governor Eric Greitens: “I remain profoundly troubled by the latest revelations about the classified information on Hillary Clinton’s personal server. In the Navy, we learned from day one, ‘lose lips sink ships.’”
  • Senator Roy Blunt: “The law establishes a standard that national security material cannot be handled carelessly.”
  • Attorney General Josh Hawley:Sec. Clinton’s outrageous conduct & lack of prosecution shows we need an AG who knows how to win for the rule of law.”
  • Lt. Governor Mike Parson: “Clinton is once again under FBI investigation for mishandling classified information vital to our national security…Missourians know better. Missourians deserve better.”
  • Congresswoman Ann Wagner (MO2): “Reckless mishandling of classified information proves that she cannot be trusted with the support of Missouri families.”
  • Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO3): “At the very least, the Director of National Intelligence needs to suspend all classified briefings to Secretary Clinton until we have more information from the FBI regarding the scope of its investigation and to ensure that all Americans have the full and accurate story.”
  • Congressman Billy Long (MO7): “It’s unthinkable that such brazen carelessness with our secret national security data could avoid justice.”
  • Congressman Jason Smith (MO8): “Clinton put our national security at risk with her blatant disregard for the rule of law. And by extension, she put at risk the American lives that are protected by those laws. Actions have consequences… That is not the country that you and I know and a country of double standards is not one that you or I should accept.”
Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber stated: “If Missouri’s Republicans have nothing to say now, then Missourians will know they don’t really care about protecting classified information — they’re just hypocrites out to say whatever will further their extreme agenda.”
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