WATCH: Democratic Leaders Flood Facebook & Twitter With Videos Standing Up for the 63K Missouri Seniors with Increasing Drug Prices

“These videos from unified Democratic leaders across the state say what Missouri’s Republicans can’t: We’re the Party that’s going to defend the health and financial security of older Missourians.” — Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber

As more than 63,000 seniors in Missouri are facing higher prescription drug costs starting this month, Democratic State Senators, Representatives, and candidates across the state posted videos to social media this first week in July to stand with Missouri’s seniors and hold Republicans in Jefferson City accountable for putting the priorities of their wealthy political donors and big corporations over the health and financial security of older Missourians.

Below is a roundup of videos from Democratic leaders throughout the State standing with Missouri’s seniors:

State Senator Gina Walsh, Senate District 13:

State Senator Jill Schupp, Senate District 24:

Representative Peter Merideth, House District 80:

Representative Deb Lavender, Missouri House District 90:

Representative Cora Faith Walker, Missouri House District 74:

Representative Martha Stevens, Missouri House District 46:

Representative Sarah Unsicker, Missouri House District 91:

Representative Doug Beck, Missouri House District 92:

Representative Crystal Quade, Missouri House District 132:

Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber:

Al Skalicky, Candidate for State Senate District 28:

Ryan Dillon, Candidate for Missouri State Senate District 16:

Scott Cernicek, Candidate for Missouri House District 105:

Kerry Ingle, Candidate for Missouri House District 35:

Matt Michel, Candidate for Missouri House District 153: