What Does Missouri’s Top Cop Think About Trump Reportedly Trying to Influence an FBI Investigation?

Attorney General Josh Hawley has been remarkably silent — despite what he said just last year…

Screenshot from Josh Hawley’s campaign ad

As reports are revealing that President Trump told highly classified intelligence to Russian foreign officials and allegedly attempted to influence a criminal investigation when he asked former FBI Director Comey to end his investigation into Michael Flynn, the Missouri Democratic Party today called on Attorney General Josh Hawley to break his silence.

We highlighted that Hawley has been remarkably silent — despite his role as the state’s top law enforcement official and his own statements last year that focused on Washington, DC and highlighted “rule of law” around classified intelligence.

Why is Hawley’s silence remarkable? Just look at what he said last year:

  • When discussing the handling of classified intelligence, Josh Hawley said, this “outrageous conduct & lack of prosecution shows we need an AG who knows how to win for the rule of law.”
  • And when discussing how he’d focus on Washington, DC, Hawley stated: “Missouri needs someone who is going to stand up and defend them against the dysfunction that is coming out of Washington, DC.”
“If Josh Hawley continues to hide while the President reveals classified intelligence to the Russians and reportedly interferes with an FBI investigation, then he’s making clear once again that he’s willing to break his campaign promises and ignore his role as Missouri’s top cop when it’s his own political party,” stated Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber.
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