Don’t Waste Wine. Wear It.

MILAN based architect Gianpiero Tessitore has all the positive vibes that today’s fashion industry needs. In 2014 he began an extensive research with the hope of finding use in vegetal fibers as a form of sustainable material. Through this, he discovered that grape seeds and skins were equipped with just the right fiber to produce a leather-like material. WineLeather. From this discovery, Tessitore brought his new company VEGEA to life in 2016. While Vegea is still a work in progress full of new innovative tests and discoveries to be made, it is safe to say the company is off to a brilliant start by putting to use some of the approximately 13 million tonnes of waste that come as a result of wine production. The satisfaction that comes from a crisp glass of Pinot Bianco will soon be comparable to the satisfaction we will have knowing every ounce of a fine bottle of wine was put to use. Let it be a handbag, a pair of shoes, a leather jacket, a belt. Whatever it is, let it be innovative. Let it be Wine Leather. What a perfect time to know we are among creatives who merge together some of our favorite things and most importantly our love for the earth. With an increased demand for transparency within the fashion industry, there is no doubt that many designers will be encouraged to consider alternative materials for seasons to come. And in the midst of it all, don’t be surprised if vegetal leather among other textiles begins to redefine luxury leather goods on the runway and in retail stores. If you’re a fan of conscious textiles, we encourage you to stay in the know about companies such as Vegea, and learn how the greatest talents in innovation will soon change the leather we wear, one wine bottle at a time.

Photo courtesy of Vegea.

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