H&M: A Recycling Tale

SINCE 2013, the infamous fast fashion house H&M has taken initiative to save and reuse garments that would otherwise end up in landfills. The company is doing this from our very own closets. In case the news never reached you, and in case you happen to frequent an H&M store in your city, you are welcome and encouraged to take your unwanted clothing and textiles regardless of the brand or condition (just no undies please) to any H&M store in the world and H&M guarantees that your garments be reused or recycled. We called our H&M store here in Portland to find out more, and we were pleased to find out that as long as we have a minimum of three items in a bag, they will gladly take the items from our hands and thanks to small actions like these, H&M has stated on their website that they have collected over 32,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles and given them a new home much more appropriate than a landfill. In addition to this, H&M is collectively making an effort to move forward with technology innovation research and development to address the challenges still being faced by textile waste. Ultimately, H&M hopes to find new and efficient ways to make sure that 100% of everything we get rid of will have new and sustainable beginnings. If you or anyone you know shops at H&M and also throws away clothes, you now know what to do. Thank you H&M for saving us a trip to the dumpster and for saving our clothing a trip to the ocean.

Photo Courtesy Walker Glass.