Why Coffee Is Your New Workout Buddy

WHILE a cup of Starbucks sometimes sounds like a great idea after a morning trip to the gym, coffee grounds are telling us that they want to make their way to your body in a totally different way, that being in the form of t shirts. Sustainable activewear brand Sundried has created just that. The brand was able to get their hands on waste derived from Coffee grounds and process the waste at a low temperature and high pressure to create a 100% recycled and sustainable yarn. If you want to give your Nike Dry-fit a break, you might just be in safe hands with Sundried, considering that the technology behind coffee grounds promises odor control, temperature control, and laps cotton quite a bit by drying 200 times faster.

Mr.Ethics took a good look at the t-shirts, and we are happy to inform you that they are minimal enough that they can be worn to perform your most intense workout, or to go on an evening walk to the park. Either way, who knew that coffee grounds could be such a reliable companion when it comes to our active lifestyle? We can’t wait to slip into a Sundried t-shirt and run this town.

Photo Courtesy Vogue.