How to Attack a New Year!

Have you ever wanted to get an A on a paper only to get it back and find out you got a C? Have you ever wanted to make an athletic team, or become part of the band or chorus only to be cut after the first week of tryouts? How about going on your first job interview, only to be denied the job?

I’m sure all of you at some point have had a negative outcome from something you really wanted. How did you respond when this happened? Did you get upset? Were you disappointed in yourself? Did you lash out at your parents, your friends, your coach, blaming them for your failure?

Guilty as charged!! Yes, I have failed and I have lashed out. I’ve went through points in my life where I thought the entire world was against me blaming everyone but myself for it. I have been knocked down more than I can count or care to even think about. I’ve been on many spirals of disappointment that I remember sitting around waiting for the next awful thing to happen to me. Yes, I’ve been there and done that.

However, early on in my life, throughout all my trials and tribulations, I continued to learn. I learned that until I started looking at myself for my setbacks, I was going to continue making mistake after mistake. I was the only one responsible for my actions and how I handled my adversity. I began to embrace failure as a part of my life experience because I knew without it, I would stop growing as a person. Failure has taught me how to succeed and it’s this reason, I continue to take risks and take leaps of faith to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I dream big, I set high goals for myself, and feel in my heart that I’m destined for greatness.

See, our failures are not limits..nor are they final. Failures are not a reason to quit or give up or even lash out on others. In fact, our failures are simple obstacles of encouragment that push us to strive for something greater than what we originally set ourselves out to do. Those that have achieved greatness have simply put in the necessary work to keep pushing on. Have you ever heard the quote “Successful people do things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do?” This is exactly the reason why some achieve, and some quit. You think Michael Jordan never failed before? Baloney!! He is great because he never quit!

I will be conducting a webinar hosted by the New York State High School Association, for high school and middle school student athletes discussing ways we can overcome failure by creating an Action Plan. The title, “How to Attack a New Year.”

There will be three key components to this presentation: 1) Help students understand that failure is a part of growth and development. 2) Help them clarify what matters most to them personally in their lives. Followed by creating long and short term goals based off from these. 3) Emphasize the importance of achieving goals with solid values and great character.

It is my hopes that I am able to teach and supply simple tools that can help these students achieve their own greatness. Failure is inevitiable. We are all human. How we handle these events with our actions, how we plan (or not plan) to be better and how we conduct ourselves daily lead us to our overall outcome. Our actions of what comes from a failure are choices. We can choose to pack it up and walk out the door or we can choose the harder way by changing our actions, putting in the extra work and trying again. My goal is to encourage these student athletes to self reflect and try again.

This presentation was live on September 13th, 2016. If you missed it check out my Webinar hosted by the NYSPHSAA Captains Club.


“Rise up and ATTACK the day with Enthusiam”

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