How I Plan To Use Medium

So, it’s very simple. The Internet is full of stuff.

Literally, and somehow stuff gets diluted and oversaturated to the point where you can be going through stuff and not even know what you just saw. I, sadly, correlate such a terrible feeling to that of the exact moment you decide, “I’m done watching porn for the day”. You hit the close button only to be bombarded with a new window and each following window screams, “wait, we think you’d like to see this” and before you know it, you’re in the Nether-realm of the internet looking at very odd activities.

That’s the internet sometimes. In fact, that’s everything in life these days.

So, you can imagine that when I say I want to write on a site, that a ridiculously large amount of sites for writing pops up. I’m a 26-year-old social media savvy writer, married, and living in Florida — the amount of content I can give to the world is endless, but even in my mind, I have to sift through stuff. But I honestly think that my new profile on Medium can begin to filter that stuff for content that is going to be both creative as well as engaging.

I attended the University of South Florida, studied English Creative Writing, fine-tuned my writing that I developed when I was much younger, and have been preparing for some releases of my own creative work since 2014. Has not been easy (mainly because of the hectic lifestyle I live) but I think now is the best time for it.

So, for my Medium account. Expect to see and read journals on life as a husband, media reviews, creative essays, short stories, as well as just every day blogs about major topics. This will be my playground for thought, and I hope whoever comes across it enjoys every bit of it. This is my storytelling!

My name is Alex Auguste, but across the internet, I go as Mistah Marvel (that is my pen name).

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