Dollar Shave Club First Impressions

A smooth shave by subscription was the promise, plus some extra money in my pocket, on offer from Dollar Shave Club.

In Australia we’re not spoiled for choice. Either you put up with cheap and nasty disposable razors or fork out the extra dollars for the brand names.

For years I did the latter, then the years after that the former. Neither option offers convenience, quality or value. This is where the likes of Dollar Shave Club come in, a great shave delivered right to your door. But what could I really expect for AUD $7 per month?

First of all I was really impressed with the way my new razor was delivered. Simple, no fuss. In the package was the razor handle, four blades and a card reminding me to swap the blades out every week. I went down the middle of the road with The 4X or what the site calls the “Lover’s Blade” as it’s just fine for him AND/OR her.

A close up of the blade, plus the length of hair it was ready to attack.

I was actually surprised at the weight of the razor in hand. For some reason the lower piece of metal on the handle was lifted from the upper piece, but a squeeze set it back flush.

The rubber grip feel tight and easy to hold with no slipping. Overall the razor felt up to the challenge of a few days growth. In the image above you can see the result of months of disposable razor use, with a slight red rash still visible in the bottom left of the image.

Ooooh close shave.

The shave is nice and close. The razor was sharp and deliberate and didn’t grab or pull hairs. It made short work of the longer than average hairs and cleared easily when rinsed in water. Overall I really enjoyed the shave, it was one of the more pleasant ones I’ve had in some time.

The 4X razor has four blades, arguably more than enough for most people however, if you do prefer the top shelf of everything, there is “The Executive”, a 6-blade razor with additional trimmer edge. Although I think 6 blades are over the top, the trimmer edge on my razor would definitely come in handy.

Note my side-burn: as much as the 4 blades offer a smooth shave, I really miss the trimmer edge.

Finally there is a value option — “The Humble Twin” — a twin blade razor with no frills which will save you a few bucks a month but no come with a equally no frills experience.

As I only shave 2–3 times per week I don’t see me using a blade every 7 days. The Dollar Shave Club has an option on your My Account page that allows you to renew every 2 months instead, meaning even more savings if you don’t shave everyday.

If it’s even MORE savings you’re after, Dollar Shave Club also offer a very attractive referral system. Every friend you refer grants you a free month of blades. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

While many subscription services like Harry’s are only available in the US, Dollar Shave Club has setup a local operation here in Australia, delivering an inexpensive but fantastic shave to Australians for the first time. That being said, I’d love the option of shaving cream, moisturizer or extra handles as add-ons to my base subscription.

With only a few shaves under my belt I can’t really find anything to complain about. Whether you’re a guy or gal, I can’t recommend Dollar Shave Club enough. Do yourself a favour and make the switch. You won’t regret it.

If you want to subscribe to Dollar Shave Club and would like to support this blog you can click this referral link. Or don’t, here is the plain vanilla link ;)