Why learning how to sell is not the challenge you think it is


Payoff: the shortcut to learning how to sell

Investment: 1 minute

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Let’s nail this right now.

When learning how to sell, you only ever have to be ‘good enough’. Good enough to win. Good enough to achieve your objective. Good enough to beat the competition. That’s all.


You surely know by now the story of the two guys running from the lion?

The first says “you can’t outrun a lion!”

The second says, “I don’t have to outrun the lion, I just have to outrun you.”

I work mostly with non-sales people — professional service consultants and subject matter experts who want to sell or develop business more comfortably and effectively.

Often they are put off at the start because it seems like such a tall order to become good at selling when it doesn’t come naturally to them. Then they soon learn that they don’t have to become good! They just have to become better than their competition (or better than their customer’s alternative options).

And here’s the thing:

To become better, you just need to learn and apply the right approach that your competition doesn’t know about. Just invest a little bit more time in your sales training and development than they’re doing, and you’ll probably get the edge.

You win.

You outrun the competition.

That’s how good at sales you need to be.

And if you want to know how to get even better than that, I’ve got another shortcut for you. Don’t ever feel you have to beat your personal best. No, let’s halve that one too. You just need to do this, and everything goes up.

Hopefully, you realise that this challenge isn’t so big after all? (Even I, as an ex-engineer, managed to learn to sell).

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Originally published at MarkMoore.co.