You’re Not Meant To Do What You Love. You’re Meant To Do What You’re Good At.
Brianna Wiest

Well isn’t everyone a life guru all of a sudden. Directed at everyone here. Including me.

Not to try to sound smart or anything. But consider this: You’re all wrong. Yet at the same time you’re all right.

People are a bit naiv I think when they go out in life thinking it’s about one thing. My thing. Everyone who talks about the persuit of their own destiny are leaning towards having narcissistic tendencies. Which in all honesty shouldn’t be a “bad” thing to call people anymore. Since mainly mothers have been allowed to overcuddle children with phrases like ”You’re the best“ instead of “you’re good” Which we now know generates narcissistic tendencies.

Doesn’t everyone get the feeling sometimes that you’re surrounded with idiots? We all think sometimes that we’re the smartest person in the room. Because during our life. That statement will become true a lot of the time. When we’re alone for example. I only know/is convinced about this, because my own mother almost ruined my life at the same time that she was trying to make a “perfect life” for me. So I got an appetite for anything brain as a result. I wished I was referring to Zombie business. But alas, I’m referring to my obsession of understanding not only myself but all of us. The other result was that I became a narcissist as well.

To all fathers out there. If you allow your wife to monopolies how you raise a child. Your sons will most likely become girls. Just sayin. And Vice versa. This happens mainly through something we call mirroring. Aka “kids don’t do what you tell them. Kids do what your doing.”

Which proves that this unconditional love thingy people are talking about is not good in nature. It’s grey. Everything that can be used for good AND for evil, is grey. Not white, as 99% of anyone talking about love, thinks it is. Love is also the part where it hurts. Love can be used to control each other as well.

I suspect this to be true as well, since I am what we refer to as a high-mac. Not a high computer. But a high machiavelli. Which are people who are born with a “talent” for manipulation. Quite sure this is also something we mirror ourselves into becoming. Because we are keen to go with what works. And we live in a world where it’s not just a huge advantage. But we’re also encouraging each other to behave in this way through practices like competitions etc.

Which makes us into fools if we listen to our teachers when they say that there’s only one way. Which scary enough, comes out of the mouth of way to many “teachers” who let pride of their status to dictate how and what to learn and what to teach.

After all. The mark of an intelligent mind is to be able to play with any idea without fully accepting them.

But we need to accept each others ideas as ideas, at least on the mental playfield. If we want to become the intelligent species that we so often claim to be.

So I think this article was really good. Since it challenged our minds, and to form our own ideas that works for and against the argument of the article. And isn’t that the reason why we all like to write and debate? In order for growth and knowledge to be shared?