Intro #1 (Expert to Expert register)

My name is Tony Lien. I’ve been recording music for about thirteen years now. I’ve gone about it in numerous ways — from DIY lo-fi home recording (utilizing nothing more than an SM-57 , a cheap 2 channel interface, a free download of the massively underrated DAW Audacity, and a trusty solid-state amp no bigger than a lunchbox) to spending countless hours in a custom-built home studio (clad with stacks of preamps and signal processors that reach up to the ceiling, a PreSonus studio mixer the size of a queen-sized bed, a temperature-controlled rehearsal room, and enough vintage tube amps to blow the entire studio to pieces if they were all to be turned on and played through at the same time). Lately, I’ve been striving to find a happy medium between the two extremes by using the DAW Ableton Live 9 in the comfort of my own home. As a lot of you who consider yourselves ‘music producers’ know, acquiring all of the necessary equipment needed to utilize Ableton Live 9 to its fullest potential is a hassle (being that it is not only expensive, but also very difficult to research and differentiate between what you NEED and what you WANT). Currently, I’m running a Roland System-1 Plug-out synthesizer, a Maschine MK2 [alongside] Maschine Jam, and the entire Korg Volca Series (Beats, Keys, Bass, Sample) through a Focusrite 8 channel interface via MIDI (and, of course, though Maschine has it’s own software available, I run it through the Ableton software instead — being that I have twice the amount of control over my sounds this way). I’m trying my best to use this collection of hardware to make an album that I will not hate immediately after its completion (which happens to me quite often).