I think I will debate your opinion, partly because I have the proper partisan pedigree to agree…
Evan Nibbe

I could get technical and question whether majority means popular vote or electoral college tally but in any case we have evidence on video that the Hillary campaign conspired to perpetuate fraudulent voting with their scheme to illegally register voters and transport them around to vote. That is a fact that is not denied by Hillary Clinton. Plus we have the State where thousands of ex-cons were given the right to vote right before the election.

I live in one of those states that does not require voter id which is an issue for me. I won’t bother to repeat the valid reasons for having that requirement.

As far as your position of mandatory voting I disagree. Voting is a right of lawful citizens but not a requirement. If someone is not motivated to vote then I don’t want a vote cast by someone who is apathetic or ignorant about the issues.

Just my opinion as a moderate who has voted Democrat or Independent more often than Republican. But not this time. The truth.

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