Democrats Are About To Plunge Into a Civil War
Marcus H. Johnson

I have the complete opposite view. I have voted Independently all my life which means I have voted 3rd Party, Democrat and Republican.

I see a Federal Government that has grown too large; a media that is owned by Corporations and acts to serve them, not the people; politicians that sell out to the highest bidder; powerful foreign influences, whether George Soros types or Saudi Princes, and on and on.

If you are honest then you must see that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and selfish. Expect nothing more if she had been elected. It is a good thing that the Democrat party is reflecting on the loss. Hopefully they will shift back to the ‘old’ Democrat party that was much more moderate.

Trump is far from perfect with his past personal life, just like Bill Clinton & JFK, but I support many of his policies. His real policies, not the misrepresented ones by the media, bloggers, and others.

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