Fixin’ Shit

I have always been the guy who wants to fix shit.




I will “change your mind..”

I will put a smile on your face

and by God! I will LOVE YOU.

Usually without you asking me to and usually without asking your permission first.

With that being said, I find myself shying away from this type of behavior the longer I stay sober and I believe this to be a good thing.

I’ve decided that I would like to “fix” myself first and through that process, possibly “fix” or amend if you will, the damage I’ve done in the past by taking hostages that I kind of knew I’d never be able to fix anyway.

I know that I am the guy who isn’t so great at fixin shit that ain’t broken..

And not so proficient at fixin shit without permission.

So today I will keep my eyes on whatever is right in front of me

and do the best I can do with that instead.

I love you guys.